Evatco carries a wide range of Hammond Transformers, Hammond has a reputation for designing and building great transformers and this is why we have selected this range as our go-to product.

The range of transformers held in stock cover the majority of valve Guitar amplifiers as well as the Hi-Fi segment however if you feel you cant find something that suits your requirements then please feel free to call us or send us an email at

Evatco is also the preferred supplier of the Hammond Classic range made as drop-in replacements for the best-known guitar amps

Included in our range of transformers are

  • Hi-Fi and Guitar Power Transformers  
  • Hi-Fi and Guitar Output Transformers 
  • Hi-Fi and Guitar Chokes Transformers 
  • Tube Drivers

Do you need help selecting a transformer?  Try this Evatco Page as it has a lot of information to help you select the right transformer.

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