1608a 10watt Push-Pull Output Transformer

10 Watts - 8,000ct - 100mA

Suggested tubes 6AQ5, 6V6, 6BQ5, EL84, SV83

A bit about the 1608A-1650A Series

  • A new and improved version of Hammonds 1608-1650 Series multiple secondary output transformers
    • re-designed secondaries for easy hook-up of secondary loads).
  • Designed for push-pull tube output circuits.
  • Units are designed to provide ample "headroom" at bass frequencies
  • note the weight of each transformer).
  • All models have a secondary tapped for 4, 8 or 16 ohm outputs.
  • Enclosed (shielded), 4 slot, above chassis Type "X" mounting.
  • Manufactured with plastic coil forms for coil support and insulation.
  • Frequency response 30 Hz. to 30 Khz. at full rated power (+/- 1 db max. - ref. 1 Khz) minimum.
  • Insulated flexible leads 8" min.
  • All units (except the 1650G) include 40% screen taps for Ultra-Linear operation (if desired).
  • Typical applications - Push-Pull: triode, Ultra-Linear pentode, pentode and tetrode connected audio output.
    • The 1650G does NOT have primary screen taps and will not support "Ultra-Linear" applications.
SKU 1608a
Brand Hammond
Shipping Weight 1.5000kg
Shipping Width 0.220m
Shipping Height 0.170m
Shipping Length 0.220m
Unit Of Measure ea

Excellent, exceeded expectations!

By: on 18 November 2021
I scratch-built an ECC803/EL84 push pull stereo amp ("Baby Huey" design, with 340 plate voltage (370JX power transformer), ultra linear mode and no global feedback) with this OPT and it was a total success, exceeding expectations. On a test rig, with a resistive load anyway, it output a full 10w without distortion. Although the 1608 (8k primary) is recommended for this amp design, the 1609A (10k primary) was more than fine, it has a slightly better HF response and the LF response is near identical in practice. On listening tests with 6 inch 4 ohm inefficient studio monitor speakers, it was stunning to review. Max volume was more than sufficient, Bass was deep and smooth, my oscilloscope showed good transformer output response below 20hz, although my speakers couldn't audibly go quite that low of course. The improvement of the 1609A over the 1609 made the speaker connection with a 4-8 ohm switch much easier.

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