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Reverb is such an important part of an amps sound and there is nothing worse than a broken or faulty reverb tank and they are simple to replace and just not that expensive.

Evatco has sourced a wide range of reverb tanks and even a few digital reverb units which are quite good to use. If you are not sure what reverb tank you should use then here are a few tips. Your old tank should have a number on it, something like 4ab3c1b. These are the codes that determine the type of springs, ohms in and out, earthing etc. and we have a nice page dedicated to showing what each means here

If you don't have a code to start with then you need to know the input and output impedance, if each end is grounded or isolates and is the tank vertically or horizontally mounted.

The range 

We carry Belton, MOD and Accutronics in the following models 4BB2A1B, 4EB2C1B, 4FB3D1B, 4AB3C1B, 4AB3C1B, 4bb3c1b, 4bb3C1D, 4DB2C1D, 4DB2C1D, 4EB3C1B, 4FB3A1B​, 8AB2A1B, 8AB2D1A, 8BB2A1B, 8DB2C1B, 8FB3C1B, 8EB2C1B,  8EB2C1B, 8EB2C1B, 9AB2A1B, 9AB2C1B, 9AB3C1B, 9EB2C1B, 9FB2A1C

Belton Digi-Log Reverb  Long Decay, Belton Digi-Log Reverb Medium Decay, Belton Digi-Log Reverb Short Decay,  Belton Reverb Module -  Adjustable Decay BTDR-3

Genuine Fender Reverb Tank Bag Large 17 inch

Reverb Tank Bag Large 17 inch

Reverb Tank Bag Small 9 inch

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