Returns Policy

WHAT can be returned?

Are all your products returnable or do some restrictions apply?

Warranty - What warranty exists on tubes?

All tubes ranged at Evatco are tested and measured in advance. All tubes on the site that are advertised as matched pairs, quads or sextets have been tested and matched on IP and Gm.

The warranty period is 60 days.

If you feel you have a faulty tube for any reason you will need to send the tube back for testing prior to any refund or exchange and within this 60 day period.

Prior to any refund or exchange, Evatco will test the tube(s), review the batch and check that this is, in fact, the tube sent.

Tubes are all tested and measured prior to being sold and known to work, that is not to say that things cant be faulty.

  • If your tube arrives broken please provide pictures of the packaging and the product damaged as soon as received. Contact us via the email address with the subject 'broken delivery'.
  • DOA: Dead on arrival. Given the tubes are tested before leaving we will look for you to return the product for testing within 2 months of purchase before any funds or replacements can be made
  • Any other versions of faulty items will need to be discussed and returned within 2 months of date of purchase
  • PLEASE NOTE: Choose carefully, Evatco prides themselves on the quality of service and support however we do not accept returns based on your preference of sound. If you are unsure of what you are buying, read the guides on the site or I would suggest looking for recommendations from people who have similar amps, speakers etc and similar taste in music.  

Please keep communication in writing to ensure there is no loss in translation between different people working on the challenge. 

WHEN do items need to be returned by?
Items need to be returned as soon as agreed by Evatco.

WHERE do items need to be returned to?
All items must be sent to the PO Box address, not complying with this may lead to a delay or no refund if lost as we will not refund for items we have not received back. The address for returns is supplied as part of your invoice.

HOW do customers return items?
Return items must be packed with the utmost of care, often the box and packaging in which you received your item is ideal however you will need to wrap and address accordingly

Restocking fee:
Evatco reserves the right to charge a restocking fee (typically 20% ) for unopen return items seeking a refund.

SHIPPING for returns?
All items are returned at your cost and Evatco will look to credit the postage if the item is found to be faulty

CREDIT for returns?
Credit, if applied will be available on the website via code which will be passed to you or applied directly to your account.

Instore return option?
We do not accept site visits and therefore cannot accept direct returns