Potentiometers for Guitars and Amps

Potentiometers, also known as pots are an important part when building and or replacing faulty parts. Often people think they don't make that much of a difference but I assure they can make a lot of difference, if not initially then definitely over time. A cheap pot left unturned can quickly become scratchy and annoying. That's not to say that there isn't a sensible solution and we have tried to achieve that for you by sourcing quality potentiometers at great prices.

We range Bourns, CTS, Alpha, Fender and Marshall in a variety of styles and values

A wide variety of pots are available for your project including pots logarithmic and linear, solid shaft (for amps) knurled split shaft (for some amps and guitars) mini pots for both guitars and amps, dual or stacked, switchable, push-pull, mini dual, bias reverse.

Values: We range all the values you require including 4.7k, 5k, 10k, 22k, 50k, 100k, 220k, 250k, 500k 1M, 3M and more

Some hot tips (or frequently asked questions.) A = Audio and   L = Linear - Linear will give you even distribution of your volume as you turn it e.g. when turning your knob half way it has 50% of the sound passing through (a simplistic view) However Log is more of a curved taper.


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