Optocouplers are one of the most amazing parts of amplifiers (well ones that use them. , essentially they use light to transfer signals between two isolated circuits. I have been fascinated by some of the old optocouplers around in amps and if you get the time then Google them and have a look.

Here is a simple video that explains what they do although if you are on this page then you probably know already.

Here is a youtube video that explains what they do, simply click here to watch

The most common place you will find these are in your tremolo circuit, so if your tremolo is weak or not working then it is a good place to start looking.

The range

Evatco carries the following types

  • Optocoupler VOP
  • Optocoupler LED
  • Optocoupler VTL5C1
  • Optocoupler VTL53C2
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