Jensen  P8R 8" 25w Vintage Alnico Guitar Speakers 

Available in 4 & 8ohm, please choose carefully

These speakers present a warm clean tone with a strength in the highs, much like the P10R they respond well to gain, overdrive and distortion

  • Overall Diameter: 8"
  • Rated Power: 25 Watts
  • Lows: Loose
  • Mids: Subdued
  • Highs: Bright


SKU jp8r
Brand Jensen
Shipping Weight 1.6800kg
Shipping Width 0.270m
Shipping Height 0.150m
Shipping Length 0.270m

Jensen P8 R

By: on 15 November 2022
I put one of these into my 57 Custom Champ and I have to say its fantastic. The Weber that was fitted stock in the amp was ok but so mid focused it didn't suit most of my guitars. This Jensen is excellent. I have tried the p12 R in it as well and also wiring both the P12 and P8 r's together but the P8 R by itself does the job perfectly. Plenty of bottom end and a sweet treble. Mids are unobtrusive and it breaks up beautifully at a non eardrum splitting volume.Im kinda stunned that it makes a great sounding amp even better.I had been using the stock Weber in there for over 2 years thinking it was fine.

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