Rectifier Tubes

Rectified / Rectifier Tubes

Evatco carries the following rectifiers.

  • Sovtek 5AR4
  • JJ GZ34 / 5AR4
  • JJ 5U4GB
  • EH 5U4GB
  • Sovtek 5Y3GT 
  • JJ 5Y3S
  • EH 6CA4 / EZ81
  • JJ 6CA4 /EZ81
  • Solid State Rectifier


I often am asked the following questions

  • What does my rectifier do?    
    • Answer: Well as a short answer, the rectifier takes AC current and converts it to DC current
  • Which tube is my rectifier tube    
    • Answer: If your amp has a rectifier tube it will more than likely be called one of the following names - 5Y3s or 5Y3gt - 5AR4 - 5U4GB - 6CA4 - EZ81
  • Do I have a rectifier    
    • Answer: Not necessarily, while the process will need to exist in the amp you may not have a tube depending on the design or you may have a solid state rectifier
  • Should I use Solid State or Tube    
    • Answer: Its hard to say really, Tubes have a natural sag to them in the right situation, e.g. SAG which is a term referring to a sponginess of the sound or a compressed feel to the tone comes from the tube itself trying to keep up the charge to the amp/ A solid state rectifier does not have the same issue so if you like a fast response then solid state may be for you.. Me, well I find that each has their benefits and I like both.


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