Tubes Sockets

Sockets for Vacuum Tubes

Evatco has a range of sockets that covers over 36 types, cant find it here? then we will special order it in for you. The range covers 4pin, 5pin, 7pin, 8pin (octal) and 9pins with some in gold.

The majority of tubes will use the B9A range of sockets or the octal socket however there a few nuances to the sockets themselves, usually in the size of the hole they need to fit or the type of lug. We have sockets that will suit all the best amps like Fender, Marshall & Vox plus all the old classics if you are trying to restore a vintage amp. Essentially the range we carry will fit 99.9% of sockets available but if you are unsure or want a special order then please let us know

The B9A range fit the following tubes

12AX7, ECC837025, CV4004, M8137, ECC803, ECC823,12AT7, ECC81, B739, 12AU7, ECC82, B749, 12AY7, 6072a, 12BH7, CV5042, 12DW7, ECC832, 5751, 6AQ8, 6BM8, 6CG7, 6H30pi, 6N1P, E88CC, 6922, ECC99 , EF806, EF86, SV83 plus loads more,

*Careful not to mistake for the B9D socket which are designed for tubes like 6P45S, 6P42S, EL509, EL519, PL509, PL519, 6KG6, 40KG6, EL500, EL504, LL500, PL500, 6GB5, 18GB5, 27GB5 etc. 

The Octal range fit the following tubes

12SK7, 1540, 1851, 5881 / 6L6WGC, 5881WXT, 5AR4, 5U4GBEH, 5Y3GT, 5Y3GT, 5Y3GT/G, 5C3S, 6550C SED, 6550EH, 6550WE, 6AB7, 6AC7, 6AG7, 6AG7, 6AS7G, 6B4G, 6B4GEH, 6B8, 6BQ6 GT, 6CA7 EH, 6H6, 6H8M, 6J5, 6J7, 6K6 GT, 6L6GC, 6L6GC, 6L7, 6Q7, 6SH7, 6SH7, 6SJ7, 6SJ7, 6SK7 GT/G, 6SL7, 6SN7EH, 6ST7, 6V6, 6V6GT, 6V6GT EH, 6W4 GT, 6A7, 6E5S, 6N13S, 6N7S, 6N8S, 6N9S, 6P3S, 6P3S-E, 6P6S, 6S2S, 6S4S, EL34, EL34, EL509, KT66, KT88, PL36, SG3S, SG4S and more


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