6V6GT CV-511 Genalex Gold Lion Power Tubes

Genalex Gold Lion tubes are renowned for their quality and sound. Yes, they cost more but that's because in life you get what you paid for.

Gnealex Gold Lions are a preferred brand for Hi-Fi aficionados who love their music and they measure every little detail. Often people will say they want the best tubes out there and whilst sound is personal there is definitely a brand that stands above the rest for quality and testing and that's Gold Lion.

Originally designed in the 1930's the 6V6 beam-power tube is a lower powered version of the 6L6 and is ideal for Hi-Fi and guitar amplifiers

Some of the best amplifiers in the world utilse the 6V6 in the designs.  A favourite in the tweed amps of yesteryear, you find a lot of the amps developed across the 1950's, 60's and even the 1970s liked the 6V6 tube as an option. The produce half the power of the 6L6 but not everything in life is about having a loud amp. They are a well-rounded tube producing a smooth rich distortion and help bring to life some of the best amps ever designed. Fender and Gibson have utilised the 6V6 tube in many of the amps over time.

The Tung-Sol version of the 6V6 was often used as the default tube sold with these earlier model amplifiers and for good reason. The power tube covers the range of sound that the tweed amps are famous for.. I use these in my 5E3 builds, I often recommend the customers try JJ, EH, Tung-Sol and Mullard. I think it would be wrong of me to say which is best as sound is personal but there is no doubt that these Tung-Sol tubes perform well in amps. A favourite amongst technicians, the Tung-Sol range would be one of the top sellers.

.In general, a very balanced tone. It can be used also in some 6L6 amplifiers. A classic brand and favourite amongst guitarist and HI-Fi aficionados. I personally have used these in a few of my 5E3 builds and I love the sound. 

Available in

  • Matched Pairs
  • Matched Quads 

All tubes are tested and matched before being sold. 


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Brand Genalex
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