Top Quality Preamp Amp Tubes

Evatco carries all the top brands of pre-amp tubes. If you cant find it here then it's probably not up to our standards.

Evatco carries the widest range of Amp tubes in Australia. You will find everything you need to ensure your amp is producing the right tone. If you are looking for the best amp tubes then you cant go past Evatco  Amongst this range, you will find the following tubes in your favourite brands, 12AX7  also known as an ECC83, 7025, 5751 and also comes in the following variations  - CV4004 - (M8137) Premium -ECC803 - Premium -ECC823 - a hybrid - The first half is 12AU7 & the second half is a 12AX7,  12AT7 also known as an ECC81 or B739 -  12AU7 also known as an ECC82 or B749 -   12AY7 also known as a 6072a -  12BH7 also known as a CV5042 - 12DW7 also known as an ECC832 the reverse of an ECC823, this tube has the first half 12AX7 and the second half 12AU7 -  5751 -   6AQ8 -   6BM8 -  6CG7 -  6H30pi -  6N1P -  6SL7 -  6SN7 -  E88CC 6922 -  ECC99 - EF806 - EF86 - SV83

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