2 watt Metal Oxide Resistors Metal Oxide resistors are for applications where stability under high-temperature conditions is required. 2 watt ± 5% tolerance -55C to 240C operating range (derated over 70C) 350 V working, 600 V overload Excellent flame retardant coating Stable performance in diverse conditions High purity ceramic core EIA colour coded .57" long x .20" diameter Available in the following values 100k 100r 10k 10m 10r 120k 12k 150k 15k 180k 18k 1k 1k2 1k5 1k8 1m 1r 220k 220r 22k 270k 27k 2k2 2k7 2m2 330k 330r 33k 390k 39k 3k3 3k9 3m3 470k 470r 47k 4k7 4m7 560k 560r 56k 5k6 680k 680r 68k 6k8 820k 820r 82k 8k2

SKU 2wattmo
Brand Generic
Shipping Weight 0.0090kg
Shipping Width 0.010m
Shipping Height 0.050m
Shipping Length 0.060m

Ideal for power supply use.

21 April 2020
Older valve amps may use carbon comp or carbon film resistors in the power supply. Here is where metal oxide resistors shine. They are reliable and flame proof.

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