EL84 JJ Electronic power tubes

I have been playing for many years and there is no doubt in my mind that JJ tubes are great bang for buck. The EL84 tube is no exception, performing time and time again.
They are reliable tubes at a great price and have met the needs of musicians throughout the world.
I find them to work well across the many styles of music I like to play. They can be bright, chime (sparkly), nice mids yet have a nice bottom end..

EL84 JJ Electronic Power Tubes, do they break up well..?

Well, I am a bit bias on this subject as I am a fan of the EL84 tube in general and for anyone who has spoken to me on the phone, they will tell you I am a fan overall of the JJ range.
I love them. I think they have the right stuff when it comes to what you should be looking for in a tube. JJ has built an EL84 that really has beautiful cleans but breaks up in the right way when pushed. I recognise that sound is personal and not everyone will agree however IF you are thinking of trying EL84s in your amps and you have never tried JJs then I think you are missing out on one of the greatest performing tubes on the market.

Ever wanted to know more about the EL84?. Simply click this link EL84

Originally designed by Mullard in 1954, they wanted to show how good the EL84 tube was for audio amplification. To prove it, Mullard created the now famous Classic 5-10 amplifier (check it out online, there are kits for making one)

Available in Singles, Matched Pairs and Matched Quads

EL84 tubes are also known as

  • 6BQ5
  • N709
  • NOS CV2975
  • as well as a few others

Evatco currently ranges EL84s or 6BQ5s in the following brands 

  • JJ Electronics
  • Electro Harmonix
  • Genalex Gold Lion
  • Mullard
  • Sovtek
  • Tung-Sol
  • Svetlana

Ever wanted to know more about the EL84?.. Simply click this link EL84

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EL 84 tubes

13 August 2021
Wow, my Peavey Classic 30 hasn’t sounded this good for years!

Great tubes for Hi-Fi

6 February 2019
I renovate EL84 based push pull Hi Fi amplifiers (Leak Stereo 20, Mullard 5-10, Playmaster Twin 20 etc) and find that JJ matched quads give me the reliable performance and sonic quality that I want. Evatco also provides the service that I need.

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