EL84 N709 Genalex Gold Lion

Genalex originated in England and became famous for the quality of their tubes produced, The N709 was quick to gain a following from list of tubes Genalex manufactured due to its sound quality.
These new tubes are now made in Russia and match the same standards and are producing the high standards that everyone has come to expect from Genalex

EL84 N709 Genalex Gold Lion

Genalex El84 N709 has been a favourite amongst the Hi-Fi community and for the right reasons. A very stable high performing tube that delivers time and time again..

The technical specifications for the Genalex EL94 N709 tube are attached below

If you are interested in reading about the N709 then feel free to click this link N709

Electro Harmonix is one of the top-selling brands of tubes and the EL84 range is no different. 

Originally designed by Mullard in 1954, they wanted to show how good the EL84 tube was for audio amplification. To prove it, Mullard created the now famous Classic 5-10 amplifier (check it out online, there are kits for making one)

Available in Singles, Matched Pairs and Matched Quads

EL84 tubes are also known as

  • 6BQ5
  • N709
  • NOS CV2975
  • as well as a few others

Evatco currently ranges EL84s or 6BQ5s in the following brands 

  • JJ Electronics
  • Electro Harmonix
  • Genalex Gold Lion
  • Mullard
  • Sovtek
  • Tung-Sol
  • Svetlana

Ever wanted to know more about the EL84?. Simply click this link EL84

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Genalex EL84 N709 Matched Pair Power Tubes (Gold L

4 June 2020
I have recently installed Genalex EL84 N709 Matched Pair Power Tubes in my VOX AC15CC1X and the power curve is amazingly clean. After much research, I believe I made a great choice for my "passive aggressive" style of playing which involves full chunky chord rhythms and long harmonic sustains. Yes I like these "Gold Lions" A LOT! Ray Burton Internationally Acclaimed Veteran Singer/Songwriter The Man who wrote “I AM WOMAN” for/with Helen Reddy Lifetime Honorary Member of the International Songwriters Association Artist / Representative @ Steinberg / Yamaha Australia https://www.reverbnation.com/rayburton https://www.facebook.com/Rayburtonmusic https://www.numberonemusic.com/rayburton

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