Saving your Favourite Wire Trimmers

Heres a trick to salvage your favourite wire trimmers (or similar tools)

One of my most favourite tools to work with is these wire trimmers Evatco sells. The trimmers work very well, sharp, neat cutting and quite slim with a flat-edged side, however, I have had a pair so long that the rubber handle is sliding off from time to time. Probably due to leaving them in the sun for too long etc..

Anyway.. I am not willing to throw them away as they work fine, so I managed to come up with a solution that not only solved my problem but in my opinion made them better.

So let’s get on with it,

What you will need.

  • Trimmers
  • Heat Shrink (2 sizes)
  • Heat source (perhaps a heat gun or hair dryer)




Step 1.

Simply slide the handle off one side of your trimmers and then find the two different size pieces of heat shrink(similar to the picture)

The thinner piece for the ends and a larger piece for up near the tip.














     Step 2

       Take the smaller size of the heat shrink which in this case will slide up to over          halfway up the trimmer handle

       Slide it up as far as you can and then apply the heat gun.

       It should be noted I am using a heat shrink that has a slight glue inside of it as well  (pretty common to buy) and was 2:1 from memory




Step 3

Take the large piece and simply slide up as far as you can without interfering with the closing of the trimmers.

Note that I have closed the trimmers to check how far I can push the heat shrink up.

Once I am happy I then apply the heat and ensure that I have heated the heat shrink evenly all over for a smooth firm fit.





Step 4

Repeat the process for the other side

At this point, I trim the excess off at the bottom and neaten the ends up.

The final product is a neat set of trimmers that are nimble and a lot easier to work with.

I hope this helps you.