Evatco Parts 5e3 amp build

John C's 5E3

John is a long time muso (both a drummer and guitarist) and has been known to set up a great guitar or two.. but he hasn't built an amp for decades.. So John thought he might try his hand at a 5E3 based on the parts and chassis on Evatcos Website.

Have a look at a few photos and the end result. A dam fine job if you ask me..

Parts are all from Evatco including the Chassis, Hammond Transformer s, JJ Tubes  and of course the Jensen P10R speaker to bring it to life

Finally, John finished it all off with a custom-made cabinet a beautiful Bruno Marvelon tolex with a Tan Wheat Grill cloth, this is a great looking amp. Wouldnt you agree?

I have spoken personally with John and he is over the moon with the sound and looks of his amp..

Send us some pics of your build and let us know a little bit about it.. 


The parts laid out, ready for the build

Geez, that was easy.. hahahah, A few more shots of the journey next time John

Straight to the finished product

Congratulations on a fantastic build John, 

Well Done.