A faithful reproduction, this Genalex Gold Lion KT77 has heavy glass and ruggedized plates that will allow it to handle just about any abuse you give it and still have room to breathe. With gold plated grid wire and beautiful artwork, the KT77 has a lot of power with good headroom, too.

To be labelled Genalex Gold Lion, tubes must endure and pass the toughest testing the industry offers.
New Sensor Corp. has reissued the famed Genalex Gold Lion KT77. This tube has been recreated down to the finest detail for exceptional performance and sound quality.

For audiophiles, the Genalex/Gold Lion KT77 tubes have full, yet tight and dynamic lows. They have great clarity in the mid-range as well, and extended highs. Many audiophiles that have previously enjoyed the Winged "C"/SED EL34 tubes have reported that these KT77 tubes are noticeably better.

The Gold Lion KT77 is a drop-in replacement for an EL34 or 6CA7. The sound, however, is not typical of an EL34 or 6CA7. It is more of a hybrid. The tube delivers all the mid punch you would expect in an EL34 but also has a top-end that is more open and bright. It’s definitely got a bit of a 6L6 designed into it.

Brand Genalex

Genalex Gold Lion KT77, Gold Pin 12AX7 and 12AU7

1 November 2019
I bought these valve tubes for our Yaqin MC13S amp and Yaqin MS33B phono preamp. We are slowly divesting ourselves of all our solid-state audio equipment as they are no longer being used much. When we started playing records again, we quickly realised that we had been seduced by CDs and digital music, which now sound clipped and a bit dull to our ears, despite us investing is some pretty decent equipment. Once we heard records played through valve gear, we were smitten. It's just no contest. These valves replaced the OEM Shuguang EL34s/12AX7/12AU7 set that came with the Yaqins, and while the Shuguangs were quite lush sounding in this equipment, and by no means inadequate, the Gold Lions have certainly been a step up in performance. We like all sorts of music and the GLs seem very well balanced across all genres, with no particular preference. They provide exceptional imaging with lingering airy highs, fantastic mid-range, and very decent bass. If you are thinking of jumping on the Yaqin band-wagon, you won't be sorry you bought these!

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