5881 Tung-Sol Power Pentode

The reissued Tung-Sol 5881 is a sensational tube and is definitely one of the best tubes in the 6L6 / 5881 range. 

Built to a standard reserved for the Military, these 5881 tubes will tolerate a higher voltage than a 6L6. Often used as an OEM tube for Marshalls, Soldano, Solo etc these tubes are renowned for delivering the tone that guitarist wants and expect from their tubes. The 5881 from Tung-Sol have been used to replace the 7027 "often found in vintage amps" with great results. A favourite amongst the guitar community and definitely a favourite amongst technicians.

Note:  The Tung-Sol 5881 has a heater voltage of 6.3 volts at 0.88 amperes. Maximum plate current is 73 mA. The 5881 has a transconductance rating of 6000 micromhos and a maximum output power of 5.8 watts.

FAQ: Can I swap 5881 for 6L6 in my amp and vice versa.

Well, yes and no.. it really depends. Some amps are designed to handle both and have a switch on them but in short. you can put 6L6 tubes into a 5881 designed amp but not necessarily the other way around. The 6L6 tube is essentially a 30watt tube whilst the 5881 is only 23watts so putting a 30waat tube into a 23watt amp is ok but you should really put a 23watt tube into a 30watt amp.

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