Products for tube amplifiers

Thousands of Products are available online at Evatco.

Evatco has been selling amplifier parts since the mid-90s and knows where to get the right parts for your project. Don't be fooled by lookalike products. If you want the best solution for your amp builds or repair job then you have come to the right place, in fact, if you count every variant that we carry in stock then we have over 6000 items

The Parts we sell.

The parts list is long as we cover everything you could ask for when building or repairing a guitar or Hi-Fi amplifier including Anode caps, Tubes / Valves, Bezels / Jewels, screws, chassis, chassis straps, capacitors in both high and low voltage, axial, can and dual varieties, corners, diodes, feet, fuses, fuse holder, turrets boards, pins and turret tools, wire trimmers, high quality wire, transfromers inlcusing power, output, chokes and tube drivers, grill cloth, tolex, handles, straps, piping, potentiometers, optocouplers, jacks, plugs, jack plates, knobs, sockets, switches, retainers, reverb tanks  and so much more.