KT66 Genalex Gold Lion gold pin power tubes.

An exact copy of the original clear glass KT66. The tube that created the famous Bluesbreaker Tone used in the 50's & 60's hi-fi favourites such as the Heathkit W-5M and many Leak amplifiers.

The Genalex Gold Lion KT66 has strong glass and plates that will handle just about any abuse you give it and still have room to breathe. Made in Russia to exacting standards, the new Genalex  Gold Lion KT66 is an excellent reproduction of the tubes from the past.

The KT66 has been designed with 3 getters for a superior vacuum, gold plated grid wire and present themselves as a work of art.

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Brand Genalex
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Genalex KT66

27 September 2020
Great sounding audiophile valves. Compared these with EL34 (varies brands), the original GEC 6L6GC, 6V6 and KT150. The Genalex KT66 were exceptionally clean without that midrange emphasis that is often said with the EL34. The KT150 just sounded little muddy in comparison. All compared (A/B switch) in a fully balanced PP amplifier in triode mode. Cathode current and plate voltages adjusted to the recommended datasheet specifications for each valve compared with. Highly recommended for audiophile listeners – will be ordering another quad for my next build.

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