Sprague Axial Capacitors

Sprague Capacitors are some of the best money can buy.

Ideal for working on your Guitar amp or hifi system. Also available in Orange Drops

Available in the following values

  • 100uf 100v Capacitors

  • 100uf 350v Capacitors

  • 100uf 450v Capacitors

  • 10uf 150v Capacitors

  • 16uf 475v Capacitors

  • 20uf 500v Capacitors

  • 20uf 600v Capacitors

  • 250uf 25v Capacitors

  • 25uf 25v Capacitors

  • 25uf 50v Capacitors

  • 30uf 500v Capacitors

  • 40uf 500v Capacitors

  • 50uf 50v Capacitors

  • 8uf 150v Capacitors

  • 8uf 450v Capacitors

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