F&T Axial Capacitors

F&T Axial Capacitors are ideal for your guitar amp or Hi-Fi sound systems when quality is everything.

F&T Electrolytic Axial Capacitors

Available in

  • 100uf 100v Capacitors

  • 100uf 350v Capacitors

  • 100uf 450v Capacitors

  • 10uf 500v Capacitors

  • 16uf 475v Capacitors

  • 22uf 500v Capacitors

  • 30uf 500v Capacitors

  • 33uf 160v Capacitors

  • 47uf 500v Capacitors

Also available in dual can capacitors in the following values

  • 16+16 450v Dual Capacitor

  • 50+50uf 500v Dual Capacitors

  • 100+100 500v dual Capacitors

Made in Germany with over 60 years of experience in producing capacitors you are sure to be purchasing some of the finest capacitors available and can have confidence that you will achieve the great tone and reliability with this brand

Operating temperature range -40°C to 85°C.

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