Sovtek 12AX7WA Twin Triode

The Sovtek 12AX7WA twin triode (the same as a 7025, ecc83) is one of the most widely used tubes on the market. You will find these preamp tubes used in a range of amplifiers including  Fender, Orange, Carvin, Hartke,  Trace Elliot and many others.

The Sovtek 12ax7is available in three version being 12AX7WA, 12AX7WB, 12AX7WC with each having a slight variance in their sound,

  • 12AX7WA 7025 is known across the world for having a smooth yet round tone with low microphonics and is used by amp companies such as  Fender¬Æ, Ampeg, Carvin, and Hartke, among others.
  • 12AX7WB 7025 has more gain and saturation than 12AX7WA. A slightly warmer yet darker and is preferred by Rivera, VHT, Demeter, and Kendrick, among other manufacturers.
  • 12AX7WC 7025 has even more gain than the WB

So, in short, the WA is the base 12ax7 and the WB and WC increase in gain on each other.

SKU 12ax7wa
Brand Sovtek
Shipping Weight 0.1020kg
Shipping Width 0.050m
Shipping Height 0.050m
Shipping Length 0.090m
Unit Of Measure ea
Assembled Length 0.070m
Assembled Height 0.020m
Assembled Width 0.020m

New Tube For My Blackstart HT-Dual

By: on 13 January 2022
Bought this tube as a replacement for my TAD ECC83WA and I am not disappointed this new tube brought my Blackstar HT-Dual back to life, no more microphonic issues (loss of power and other odd noises) the pedal operates now like it was brand new, awesome tone. Fantastic service too, ordering was nice and easy and the tube was carefully packaged and expressed shipped to me.

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